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Scan (and create) QR codes


A simple and free QR code scanner with big text, no ads and no direct links to social media.


But why is the app called QuiRksheets?       Well... this app is actually just a small part of a larger "work-in-progress" which runs on desktop (and eventually tablets) for creating editable worksheets that contain QR codes.  I use these with students and was looking for an easy way to save and edit this kind of worksheet... including the QR codes embedded in them.    For students to use these worksheets I needed a QR code scanner that met the specs listed above. Hence, this app and its unlikely name.

Screen Shots

iPhone scanning QR         iPhone scanned QR         iPhone make QR

App Store

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System requirements

iOS 8.1 or better

For iPhone, iPod touch and iPad


version 1.3  October 2018   -   improved support for iOS 12

version 1.1  October 2016   -   improved support for iOS 10
version 1.0  July 2016

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