Office Discipline Referral



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Fill out and export your school's custom discipline referral documents


A super fast and easy way to complete your school's custom student discipline paperwork (office discipline referrals) out in the field. When you are finished you can email a PDF copy to the office (or wherever you like.)

We can add your school to the ODR app. Once customized, it will generate the documents that your staff need... and they can download the ODR app to their iOS or android devices for free. Contact us about adding your school to this timesaving tool.

Screen Shots

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Example of a 2 page PDF


Get  "ODR" for iOS in the app store

Get ODR for Android on Google Play

System requirements

iOS 9.3 or later

For iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Android 4.4 (KitKat) or later


version 1.2.6  August 2019   -   Improved Android support with native code for more devices

version 1.2.5  September 2018   -   Android bug fix for sending attachments with Gmail and Outlook
version 1.2  September 2017   -   UI improvements and bug fixes
version 1.1.2  August 2017   -   added support for Android
version 1.1.1  August 2017   -   added support for multiple schools
version 1.0     March 2014

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