It's a Game... without a shred of educational value!


An old-style arcade game with elements reminiscent of Breakout. And no, we're not claiming it has a shred of educational value (or originality). This was our first attempt at a game and intended to be more of an in-house exercise. But as it turned out to be somewhat playable... here it is.
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Mac Download

Win Download

System requirements

We haven't tested PingPop enough to define the minimum specs. (And we aren't likely to.) We do know that this game seems to run best on faster machines. 800 x 600 or greater screen resolution required. Windows 7 and Macintosh 10.9 (Mavericks) are probably the minimum OS.


Both platforms now compiled as 64-bit and code signed.   September 2019 - version 1.2.1
First release: December 2006 - version 1.0

Most of the motion calculations were handled by AnimationEngine, a LiveCode add-on by Malte Brill. Trigonometry was never our strong point so having a good motion / collision math resource (with a well thought out help section) was essential. Also, Malte supplied several example games with source code - a great learning tool that really helped get PingPop off the ground.

All sounds are out of the tm|Audio collection available from Scott Rossi's tactile media. We regularly turn to this product for audio bits and bobs.

Written with Livecode - Livecode