Randomly pick, group and list students.

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Generate random lists, random partner groups or just draw random names. Import lists of names and switch between multiple lists.


Not those two.   Have you ever had a student that needed to be separated from certain others? RandoMeister lets you assign restrictions between class members so that these students won't ever get placed into the same group. Is someone absent? RandoMeister lets you temporarily deactivate individual students.

Plays well with others.   RandoMeister will happily draw random names while mimimized...even with another application in the foreground. Great for teaching with one application while still being able to call random students.

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System requirements

Macintosh OSX 10.4 or later

Windows XP SP2 or later.


version 1.2.3  November 2019  Mac 64-bit   Code signed and notarized

version 1.2.3  November 2017 (Code signed and updated)

version 1.2.3  November 2011

version 1.2     December 2010

version 1.1     November 2010

version 1.0     October 2010

beta 2: September 2010

beta 1: February 2010

prototype release: February 2008