Create job lists and check off students when they finish.


I used to keep a paper class list on a clipboard to check off students as they finished jobs, make quick notes and generally try to maintain a reliable level of accountability. But no more. This app, Finished, provides a quick and easy way to create and manage job lists where students can be checked off (or given a variety of other marks) when they complete the task. It also allows comments and does some basic graphing.


I use this app every day in my classroom. In addition to simply holding students accountable for job completion, it also assists me with checking back to see who needed additional help with a particular activity. Being able to whip out my iPhone and put an ad hoc group together for a quick reteach makes me a little more efficient. If you are looking for a full-blown grade book, this isn't it. But for quick, simple, just-reach-in-your-pocket accountability, Finished has it.


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What kind of scores can I use?   Finished has a fixed list of marking symbols that can be placed into a box: 1,2,3,4,A,B,C,D,E,✓,+,—,• (and empty.) It doesn't accept other arbitrary marking symbols or numeric values other than 1-4. This means it can't be used to record percentiles or other exact numeric scores like RIT values or words per minute. It wasn't designed to do this and isn't likely to do so in the future.


Can Finished display growth over time in a graph?   No. Finished will create graphs that show overall student performance and whole-class performance (on a specific assignment or across the term.) Finished also allows viewing an individual student graph next to a whole class graph for comparison. The graphs do not show growth over time. While this feature could be added later, considering that Finished does not support arbitrary numeric scores, such a feature would probably be of limited value.

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System requirements

iOS 12 or later

For iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad


version 1.5  July 2020 - Better support for newer devices. Improved interface. Support for Dark Mode.

version 1.4.7  October 2017 - Fixes a bug on iPads that caused exported report graphs to overlap. Native 32 and 64 bit support. [requires iOS 8.4 or higher]

version 1.4.6  October 2017 - iOS 11 compatibility, bug fixes

version 1.4.4  January 2017 - Support for iPhone 7 Plus, bug fixes

version 1.4.3  October 2016 - Updated to work with iOS 10

version 1.4.2  June 2015 - Fixed a bug which prevented individual student data from graphing correctly

version 1.4.1  February 2015 - Fixed a bug which occasionally caused the app to open into a state that was unresponsive to touches

version 1.4  February 2015 - Now generate and export reports (with graphs) showing all of a student's work and how they scored on each assignment. Associate email addresses with individual students to make sending reports to parents a snap. Want to see all the comments you've made to a student? That's now an option when creating reports. We've also added some usability enhancements: tap the job title to quickly see which class is open, adding and editing student names is more efficient, and there are stability and cosmetic improvememnts

version 1.3.2  October 2014 - iOS 8 support / Tap student graph for assignment report

version 1.3  February 2014 - search for previously assigned jobs / bug fixes

version 1.2  August 2013 - export a job list with marks /clone classes /bug fixes

version 1.1  May 2013 - first release

version 1.0  (accepted by the App Store... but not released)

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