Math Practice

Math Practice

A Variety of Facts Review Activities

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We wrote this facts review program to eliminate some problems associated with paper work sheets. There is no copy machine, no hand correcting, and for students that have trouble with the pressure of timed tests, most of these puzzles allow them to practice independently with a timer. Best of all, these activities are perhaps a bit more fun than regular paper worksheets.

Need to run your iMac lab under OS9 with only 256 colors? Hey, us too. Both the Macintosh Classic and Windows version use an Aqua-style interface with specially optimized graphics to insure that color gradients look good even at 256 colors. (see legacy links)

Although many of the games in this application were designed with 8-10 year olds as the target audience, most ages from 7 and up will find suitable activities.

Features | Screen shots

This application contains several different math fact exercises.
( Windows version looks nearly identical to PPC screen shots. )

1. Facts against a timer ( PPC (multiplication only) or OS X screen shot)
2. Multiplication facts review (PPC screen shot)
3. Division facts review ( PPC or OS X screen shot)
4. Addition facts review (PPC screen shot)
5. Subtraction facts review (PPC screen shot)
6. Number Sentence: 2 difficulty levels with timed Halls of Fame. ( PPC or OS X screen shot)
7. Math Squares: 11 different games with timed Halls of Fame. ( OS X screen shot)

Windows version has only 1 Math Square game.


System requirements

Current (OSX Universal Binary) version requires system 10.4 or greater.
For older Macintosh systems, see the legacy links below

98 or better

How to register

Macintosh users, although you're not obligated and the games themselves are fully enabled, by registering you will easily be able to clear all or specific Halls of Fame. $5.00 will purchase this feature for an entire site.

Reviews and Testimonials

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Macintosh version

2.6.4 Improved stability under OSX 10.7  "Lion". 7-2011

2.6.3 Corrected a problem where "Halls of Fame" data was not being saved. 5-2009

2.6.2 Universal Binary - support for Macs with Intel processors _ 8-2006 (requires OSX 10.3.9+)
2.6.1c fixed a bug in Math Squares where score didn't display _ 8-2006
2.6.1 General speed increase _ 5-2005 (requires OSX 10.2+)
2.5.1 General bug fixes _ 3-2003
2.5 (Mac PPC requires OS 7.x - 9.x)

Windows version

2.1 _ 3-2009 cosmetic improvements, modernized preference file location, added an installer
2.0 _ 9-2002 (requires 98 +)


Legacy Macintosh links:

version 2.6.3  for  PPC with OS 10.2

version 2.5   for PPC with OS 7.x - 9.x
 1.7  68k / PPC with OS 7.x - 9.x